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Sisvel VP9/AV1 patent pools in the news

There’s been some editorial coverage of the Sisvel VP9/AV1 pools and we wanted to provide a partial bibliography as of today to anyone interested in third-party perspectives of the pools.

The demonization of Non-Practicing Entities

Over the years, many significant technology advancements have been achieved by universities and other research-driven organizations that have no intent to build products that leverage their research. Instead, they monetize their research by licensing the technology to third parties, either directly or via a pool of related patents.


Why did you launch the pool without publishing a patent list? Patent licensing administrators like Sisvel typically announce a pool at any time from formal creation to when a list of patents is finalized, and there are pros and cons for any announcement date.

Welcome to Sisvel VP9/AV1 blog

Greetings and welcome to the Sisvel VP9/AV1 blog. I’m Mattia Fogliacco, CEO of Sisvel Group. As you may know, video codecs have progressed over the last few years on two tracks; standards-based, royalty-bearing codecs like MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC, and open-source, royalty free codecs like Ogg Theora, VP6-9, and now AV1.